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The Kattamorda Heritage Trail is on forested land managed by DBCA and the trail passes through three local government areas. The southwestern edge of the trail is within the City of Gosnells and the northeastern section is within the Shire of Mundaring, with the majority in the City of Kalamunda boundaries. The Kattamorda trail connects with no less than 11 designated trails.

Class 3 descriptor

The trail is assessed as Class 3. There are numerous road crossings that allow you to leave the trail without being committed to the entire thing at once.

Original markers remain in trees along the entire trail, though they are often difficult to notice, as the trees have grown much in 30 years - the original markers are quite high now and faded.

The entire trail has had new markers on posts installed, except for approximately 2km between Mount Gungin and The Dell. In this 2km section, there are only rough markings - flagging tape and some A4 printed papers flagged to trees. Over the past decade, the mountain biking collective started to heavily use the Kattamorda trail in the Gungin area. This section is unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists to share. The Kattamorda trail will be rerouted west of Mount Gungin in 2022. Hikers are advised to keep their eyes and ears alert if they choose to traverse this section of trail as it is, with heavy mountain bike use.

Diamond Confirmation Marker

To successfully navigate the trail, we recommend you use a gpx or kml file on a navigational device, along with following the markers on the ground. We suggest you use the links on this website to obtain an electronic file. If you get your navigation file from another website (or app), we cannot tell you whether it will be correct or not. Anyone can post a route online - maybe they went wrong!

Travelling with someone else can be a distraction from your focus, but it can also be a second set of eyes to spot the markers along the way.

Volunteer with marker

The new markers on posts have a potoroo paw print.

The Kattamorda does not need to be traversed in its entirely all at once. There are many ways to enjoy a short part of the trail as an "out-and-back" or in a loop, by connecting it with other trails such as the Bibbulmun Track. In the coming months, we aim to add several gpx/kml files to this site that can be freely downloaded, which will offer some of these shorter hiking options.

New Marker

Download the full Kattamorda gpx via links below:

South to North: right click here and choose "save link as."

North to South right click here and choose "save link as."

For the KML file: right click here

The southwest trailhead is now at Hardinge Park. The northeast trailhead remains at Mundaring Sculpture Park.

Download the 1998 Kattamordo Heritage Trail brochure by clicking here.

For other walk trails within the City of Gosnells click here, for City of Kalamunda walk trails click here, and for Shire of Mundaring trails click here.

For a shorter loop that incorporates the Kattamorda Heritage Trail, here are three options:

6km +/- 145m loop from the upper Victoria dam carpark. There is a toilet block and water at the Victoria dam recreation area. Right click here and choose "save link as."



6.5km +/- 190m loop from Mundaring Weir Hotel via the Bibbulmun Track to Kattamorda. There is a toilet block and water in the Mundaring Weir recreation area. Right click here and choose "save link as."

Hotel Bibbulmun Kattamorda Loop


6k +/ 135m from Mundaring Weir Hotel to Fred Jacoby Park to Portagabra Trail. There is a toilet block in Fred Jacoby Park. Right click here and choose "save link as."

Hotel Jacoby Portagabra Loop